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Place: Wyoming, USA
Date: September 2015
Gallery: Wyoming
Categories: USA

Aside from the main attractions of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, both in the north east corner of the state, there are lots of other scenic areas. Our drive from Denver in neighbouring Colorado to the south took us via the delightfully named Medicine Bow (pop. 284). In the mid 1880s, Owen Wister, a Philadelphia lawyer stopped in Medicine Bow and used the small town as a backdrop to his novel, The Virginian. You may remember the TV series of the same name?

We had lunch of a really tasty steak sandwich in The Virginian Hotel at Medicine Bow. A very interesting place to look around and a bit of a taste of what times were like in the early 1900s. The hotel is an cross between a museum and a working bar and hotel.Replica Watches


Key Facts

Time Difference : GMT - 7h
Distance from BHX : 5,044 miles
State Capital : Cheyenne
Principle Cities : Casper, Cody

Top Sights

Grand Teton NP
Yellowstone NP


Hot summers and cold winters.

Heading north from Medicine Bow we made Casper for an overnight stop. The next day we headed west towards the Grand Tetons, starting off across the endless Wyoming plains. The snow fences and road markers reminders of how cold the winters are in the state. Our first view of the Tetons was from Togwotee Pass. At 9658 ft we really felt the height, each breath seemed to be just a little harder to take than at lower levels.

Of the two national parks it is hard to choose a favourite. Grand Teton NP is very picturesque with its mountain range and pretty meandering Snake River. We also got some great views of a Bison herd and of course there's the famous Moulton Barn on Antelope Flat Road (see picture in the gallery). Yellowstone is large, about 100 square miles. As well as the fascinating geothermal features there is an abundance of wildlife. I was torn between wildlife and landscapes, so much to photograph! Patek Philippe Replica