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New York

Place:New York City, USA
Date: March 2010
Gallery: New York City
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We stopped off in New York on our way home from Miami. In hindsight we should have stayed more than 2 nights, but even so we had a great taste of the city that never sleeps.

The city is fast-paced, more so than many other cities. It is at once exhausting and exhilerating. We resorted to a tried and tested favourite of a sightseeing bus-tour to get a glimpse and feel for the place. Being able to hop on and off the bus we were able to get around the city without losing our bearings. For a break from the busy streets we had a bycycle rickshaw ride around Central Park from its southern side to the Bow Bridge and back.

New York

Key Facts

Time Difference : GMT - 5h
Distance from BHX : 3,384 miles
Language : English
Currency : USD

Top Sights

Empire State Building
Central Park
Times Square



Photography can be difficult here, most of the time you have to be content with capturing parts of a scene as with the skyscrapers it's impossible to get the whole street-scene in one frame. Hopefully these shots capture some of the scale and excitement of the place.

I now realise that a return trip is a must to sample more of the experience that is the Big Apple.