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Place: The Luxor, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date: September 2013
Gallery: Nevada
Categories: USA

Nevada, The Silver State, is sparsely populated and mainly desert. I'm afraid that we only saw Las Vegas so I don't feel that I've done justice in seeing the state. But, Las Vegas was well worthwhile and loads of fun! My very first impression on seeing Las Vegas many years ago was how could such a place exist in the middle of the desert. It is brash, uses lots of resources and just doesn't seem to have a right to exist! But this time, it was a welcome break from the desert and a chance to get immersed in the bright lights and glitz.

The hotels are small worlds, each trying to offer more entertainment per square foot than each other. Some are linked together by monorail so that you can sample different themes and styles without leaving the air conditioning. The Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) is lined with hotels which are constantly being demolished and rebuilt to provide bigger and better entertainment palaces. We stayed in the Luxor, a large black glass pyramid whose Sky Beam is the brightest light in the world at 42.3 billion candela. It is visible up to 275 miles away by aircraft.


Key Facts

Time Difference : GMT - 8h
Distance from BHX : 4,809 miles
State Capital : Carson City
Principle Cities : Las Vegas

Top Sights

Las Vegas
Red Rock Canyon


Desert climate, hot summers and mild winters.

Even the shopping centers are different and vie for your attention. Miracle Mile next to Planet Hollywood has a restaurant and theatre 'district' that has dusk-like lighting and a blue sky with clouds image projected on the ceiling. The effect is of being outside and is very weird.

I'm not sure how long I could stay in Las Vegas, but a couple of nights were a very welcome break from our road trip and sightseeing. Needless to say we didn't win in the casinos. As heard at a show : What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas . . . mainly your money!