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Bucket List

So many things to see and do! Here is my 'bucket list' of things that I want to do which will undoubtedly grow over time. It may give you some ideas for your own bucket list. I have done the items in the green lefthand column, the red righthand column is the growing list of things I want to do.Omega Replica Watches

Cross Hong Kong Harbour on a Star Ferry

Go to a Hawaiian Luau

See Hemingway's house in Key West

Eat at Oistin's Fish Fry in Barbados

Walk in Yosemite Valley

See the Grand Canyon

Play roulette in Las Vegas

Ride a cable car in San Francisco

Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Swim with a dolphin

Swim on the Great Barrier Reef

See the pyramids in Egypt

Visit Machu Picchu

Go on a safari in Africa

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Stay on Bora Bora

Visit Tahiti

Sunbathe on Copacabana Beach

See the Northern Lights

Walk on the Great Wall of China

See the volcano lava hit the sea in Hawaii

Visit Pearl Harbor

Go to Havana

Walk across Brooklyn Bridge

Cross the equator